Chennai Music & Dance Festival 2013

by, December 27, 2013

The Aradhana Committee organizes a series of programs in Chennai during the December season, to showcase North American talent to audiences in India. The Chennai Music & Dance Festival will be a series of music and dance performances, and will be held over a period of 15 days in the second half of December 2013.

The Chennai Music & Dance Festival is celebrated every year in the capital city, Chennai. During December, all the ‘Sabhas’ or Music clubs arrange for Chennai Music & Dance Festival. The Music Academy, Annamalai Mandram, Narada Gana Sabha, Indian Fine Arts Society and other sabhas arrange for this festival in various places. At Kalakshetra, a dance festival is also conducted during this time. It is a festival for lovers of music. Research scholars and renowned musicians render vocal and instrumental recitals in various sabhas from the afternoon till late in the night. Chennai Music & Dance Festival is a festival that reflects the culture of Tamil Nadu.

This hugely popular and much anticipated month long Chennai Music & Dance Festival, which is often described as the world’s largest cultural event, serves up a plethora of traditional south Indian Carnatic music, dance, and other arts. Over 1,000 performances take place during the festival, along with music related seminars, discussions, and demonstrations. Thousand of performers from respective feilds come to perform and show there talent, even its a good platform for the new comers who wants to try there hand in the cultural activities and classical music.

Main attraction of this Chennai Music & Dance Festival are the vocal and the instrumental music along with the dance performances both solo and group by experienced and the new talent. These performances and concert takes place at Sabhas or organization few of the prominent Sabhas are Brahma Gana Sabha ( Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium),Indian Fine Arts Society(Bala Mandir German Hall), Kalarasana(Rani Seethai Hall), Kartik Fine Arts, Madras Music Academy(T. T. Krishnamachari Auditorium),Mudra (Freedom Hall), Mylapore Fine Arts Club, Nadha Inbam(Raga Sudha Hall)


Chennai Music & Dance Festival 2013 Dates

December 15 to January 1

Eligibility for Chennai Music & Dance Festival

Prospective participants in this festival must:

  • be aged 25 or less, as of December 31, 2013
  • have participated in some music or dance initiative at the Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival:
    • Music or dance competition, Sustaining Sampradaya, Dance Workshop, etc.

How to Apply in Chennai Music & Dance Festival

If you meet the above criteria, then please:

  • Download the application form and fill it out.
  • Email the completed application form to Gopi Sundaram (
  • The deadline for receiving your application is October 13, 2013

If you would like to perform both as a musician as well as dancer, then please submit two separate application forms.

The Process to participate in Chennai Music & Dance Festival

All applications will be reviewed by the Aradhana Committee, and the performers to be featured will be notified via email by November 18, 2013.

The schedule of performances will also be published at that time, along with contact information for participants, so that you can work out details of sruthi, etc. directly with the accompanists.

We had a great December festival last year, and the performances by our talented youngsters were very well-received by the discerning audience in Chennai.

We hope to have a similarly successful series this year as well, and look forward to your participation.

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