Navratri 2014

by, December 13, 2013
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Navratri-WallpapersNavaratri is a nine night festival of the Mother Goddess including Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati. Navaratri is a festival full of worship and dance. Navaratri festival ends with Dussehra, the victory of good over evil, on the tenth day. Navaratri is one of the most celebrated festivals of Hindu calendar. Navaratri holds special significance for Gujaratis and Bengalis. Dandiya and Garba Rass are the highlights of the festival in Gujarat. Big Pandals are set up by the Bengali community. The first three days of Navaratri are dedicated to Goddess Durga (Warrior Goddess) dressed in red and mounted on a lion. Next three days of Navaratri are dedicated to Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity), dressed in gold and mounted on an owl and finally, last three days of Navaratri are dedicated to Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge), dressed in milky white and mounted on a pure white swan.

When is Navratri in 2014?

Navaratri start on Saturday, the 25th of September and will continue for 9 days until Sunday, the 4th of October.

Day of Week
Navratri Color of the Day
Day 1Pratipada25th SeptemberThursdayYellow
Day 2Dwitiya26th SeptemberFridayGreen
Day 3Tritiya27th SeptemberSaturdayGrey
Day 4Chaturthi28th SeptemberSundayOrange
Day 5Panchami29th SeptemberMondayWhite
Day 6Shashthi30th SeptemberTuesdayRed
Day 7Saptami1st OctoberWednesdayRoyal Blue
Day 8Ashtami2nd OctoberThursdayPink
Day 9Navami3rd OctoberFridayPurple
Day 10Dashami4th OctoberSaturday

Navratri Puja

The first Navaratri puja must be done early morning on the first day of Navaratri. The usual trend is to clean the house and take a shower and then offer prayer both in the morning and evening on the 9 days of Navaratri. A lamp must be kept lighted during the 9 days of Navaratri.


Navratri Arti

Ma Jay Aadya Shakti

Mataji ni aarti.. Jaya aadhya shakti,
Maa jaya aadhya shakti,
Akhand brahmand nibhavyan (2x),
Padave pragatyan ma,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Dwitiya bay swaroop,
Shiva shakti janoo,
Maa shiva shakti janoo,
Bramha ganapati gaavun (2x),
Har gaavun har maa
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Tritiya tran swaroop,
Tribhuvan man betha,
Maa tribhuvan man betha,
Traya thaki taraveni (2x),
Tun taraveni maa,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Chote chatura mahalaxmi,
Sacharachar vyapya,
Maa sacharachar vyapya,
Char bhuja chau deesha (2x),
Pragatya dakshina maa,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Panchame pancha rushi,
Panchame goon padame,
Maa panchame goon padame,
Pancha sahast tyan sohiya (2x),
Panche tatwo maa,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Shasthi tun narayani,
Mahisasur maaryo,
Maa mahisasur maaryo,
Nar naree na roope (2x),
Vyapa saghade maa,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Saptami sapta pataal,
Sandhya saveetri,
Maa sandhya saveetri,
Gau ganga gayatree (2x),
Gauri geeta maa,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Asthami astha bhooja,
Aayee ananda,
Maa ayee ananda,
Surinar moonivar janamya (2x),
Devo daityo maa,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Navami navakul naag,
Seve navadurga,
Maa seve navadurga,
Navaratri naa poojan,
Shivratri naa arachan,
Kidha nar brahma,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Dashami dash avatar,
Jay vijaya dashmi,
Maa jay vijaya dashmi,
Rame ram ramadya (2x),
Ravan rodyo maa,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe.

Ekadashi agiyarash,
Katyayani kaamaa,
Maa katyayani kaamaa,
Kaam doorga kalika(2x),
Shyama ne raama,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe.

Barase bala roop,
Bahuchari amba maa,
Maa bahuchari amba maa,
Batuk bhairava sohiye (2x),
Tara chhe tuja,
Maa jay om jay om maa jagadambe.

Terase tulaja roop,
Tun taruni mata,
Maa tun taruni mata,
Brahma vishnu sadashiv (2x),
Guna tara gata,
Om Jay Om Jay Om Maa Jagadambe

Chaudashe chauda roop,
Chandi chamunda,
Maa chandi chamunda,
Bhava bhakti kain aapo,
Potani kai stapho,
Sinha vahani,
Maa jay om jay om maa jagadambe.

Shivashakti ne aarti,
Je koyee gaashe,
Maa je bhaave gaashe,
Bhane shivananda swami(2x),
Sukha sampati thaassey,
Har kailashe jaashe,
Maa amba dukha harashe,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Eke ek swaroop,
Antar nava darasho,
Maa antar nava darasho,
Bhola bhoodar na bhajata,
Maa amba ne bhajata,
Bhavasaagar tarasho,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Bhava na janoo,
Bhakti na janoo seva,
Maa na janoo seva,
Mata na daas ne raakho(2x),
Charnamrit leva,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe.


2014 Shardiya Navratri 

Shardiya Navratri is the most popular and significant Navratri of all Navratris. That’s why Shardiya Navratri is also known as Maha Navratri.

It falls in lunar month Ashwin during Sharad Ritu. The name Shardiya Navratri has been taken from Sharad Ritu. All nine days during Navratri are dedicated to nine forms of Goddess Shakti. Shardiya Navratri falls in the month of September or October. The nine days festivity culminates on tenth day with Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami.

Women, especially in Maharashtra and Gujarat, adorn themselves with 9 different colors which are allocated to each day of Navratri. The color of the day is decided on the weekday. Each weekday is ruled by one the planets or Navgrahas and accordingly colors are assigned to each day.