9 Colors Dress to Wear in Navratri 2014

by mumbaitemples@gmail.com, December 11, 2013
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During the nine days of Navratri there is a custom of wearing different colour dress. Information on what are the Navratri 2014 colours usually appears a couple of days before in local Gujarati and Marathi newspapers. This is the latest information regarding the nine colors of Navratri 2014.

9 Colors Dress to Wear in Navratri 2014

Day 1, 25th September, 2014 (Saturday) : Grey – Represents Maha Kali or Bhairavi
Day 2, 26th September, 2014 (Sunday) : Orange                         – Represents Goddess Tara or Chamunda
Day 3, 27th September, 2014 (Monday) : White
Day 4, 28th September, 2014 (Tuesday) : Red                              – Represents Goddess Durga
Day 5, 29th September, 2014 (Wednesday) : Blue                        – Represents Goddess Bhuvaneshvari
Day 6, 30th September, 2014 (Thursday) : Yellow                     – Represents Goddess Tara or Chamunda
Day 7, 1st October, 2014 (Friday) : Green                          – Represents Goddess Jagadamba
Day 8, 2nd October, 2014 (Saturday) : Peacock Green       – Represents Goddess Amba
Day 9, 3rd October, 2014 (Sunday) : Purple                      – Represents Goddess Renuka Devi also known as Matungi

The devotees fast on those nine days and worship the Goddess with devotion to receive her blessings. One who receives the blessings of the Mother would overcome all obstacles in his life and succeed in any task in life. The devotees wear different coloured dresses themselves and also decorate the Goddess in different colours throughout the festival. The colour red is of main importance since it represents Goddess Durga herself . Also the colours have a lot of significance due to their attributions to different energy chakras in the yogic form of meditation. The most important of them all is the primal force of Muladhara Chakra and it is represented in Red Colour.

This colour hence becomes the most preferred of all to decorate the Goddess and is most used in all parts of India. Also apart from dresses, the devotees also play with colour also known as gulal on these days. In major parts of India gulal is used on many festivals apart from Holi.

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