Essel World Ticket Rate and Offers 2014

by, January 5, 2014

This article gives information on Essel World and Ticket Rate and offers 2013. I am frequent visitor to Essel World. If you have kids then it is worth purchasing Passport offer as it gives 3 times visit in year. It also has discount offers so purchase it if you are planning to go to Essle World atleast twice in year and you can visit three time at price less than two tickets. 



Essleworld is one of oldest and famous park. Right from the early days in 1990 when Essel World advertisements used to telecast on Zee TV with a popular tag line – Essel World mein rahunga main, ghar nahi nahi jaaunga main. It was an instant hit with kids and adults and it still attracts lot of people not only from Mumbai, but also people from all over India and probably across the globe too.

Helpline:  022 6528 0305

Ticket Rate

3’3″ to 4’6″ above 4’6″ age above 60 years
EsselWorld or WaterKingdom 490 690 290
Combined 750 990 390

Child below 3’3″ get free entry. Sr. citizen age proof is require.

Click here for Online ticket booking


40% off on online ticket booking using Yes Bank card

12 visits at Essel World or Water Kingdom at Rs. 4200. Get more details on


  • It is an annual pass which lets a guest enjoy EsselWorld or Water Kingdom 3 times in a year at any combination of his/ her choice starting at Rs.1190 only that’s less than the price of two tickets.
  • The guest also gets some super discounts on F&B, Bowling, Coin Games and on the entry ticket for special event on New Years.
  • Once the guest books his/ her PPN online, he can pick-up his PPN from the ticket counter on the day of his visit.

Park Timing

Weekdays 10 am to 7pm
Weekend / Holidays 11 am to 7pm
Season days 12 am to 8pm

Season days

Christmas holiday:  21 Dec 2013 to 5th Jan 2014

Summary holiday:  19th April 2014 to 15th June 2014

Diwali holiday:       18th Oct 2014 to 2nd Nov 2014

New Ferry Timings

Ferries will now leave every 15 mins from Borivili/ Gorai and every 45 mins from Malad/ Marve.

Best rides at Essel World


Top Spin
whatttt aaaa rideeeee, 360 degree spin, full swings & flips woowwww makes you say awesomeeee.

The experience of this ride operates on a simple principle shake well while in use. A unique mixture of dizzy heights, crazy movements and scary speed. Strictly for brave heart who can survive at the height of 90 degree rotation.

Hoola – Loop
Only meant for strong hearted and thrill seekers. A 340 meter long roller coaster that will be the ride of your life. With a speed of 100 KMPH, it does a 360 degree loop and a steep drop from 25 feet. Completely safe, it gets you a high adrenaline rush like never before.

Thrilling moments of weightlessness will make you feel as if your heart is leaping out on a rainbow. Catch the panaromic bird’s eye view of the whole park. Just remember to mind your head when you are too close to hit the sky!


Big Apple
The experience is swirling and twirling, this zany roller coaster is the apple of everybody’s eye. Watch your little one having fun time in wheezing through the Giant Red Apple. One of the most colorful rides to photograph your child in.

Kangaroo Hop
Latest entrant into the kids arena is Kangaroo Hop with a height of 25 ft, the UP & Down motions brings in the excitement & the thrill quotients for are little customers.

Junior Carousel
A joyful experience for your child on this ride, a merry go round sitting on the horse back revolving in the air in up and down motion.


Aqua Dive
The only wet ride in EsselWorld will leave you quenching for more. One of the most sought after rides – Aqua dive combines maximum thrills offering multiple exciting numbers of spiral and multiple drops of blue and clean water and leaves you completely wet!

Highway Cars
One of its kind driving experience. This is a motorized riding car moving on an elevated track. You can enjoy this ride at a leisure pace as you marvel at the green surroundings of the park.

Copper chopper
Sit and enjoy in 6 of choppers with family & friends,it makes you go round & round taking you high up in the sky..

Crazy cups
If those ‘up and down’ rides are not your cup of tea, then this one is just made for you .A stirring family ride – crazy cups guarantees loads of fun, thrills and impulsive giggles. A great head spinner.

Tilt- A- Whirl
Fondly called ‘half shell ride’, this ride rotates along its centre axis and simultaneously keeps revolving completely. Let this ride leave you stunned with its tilts and twists.

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